DIS Magazine: Minnesang: A Tale of Bits And Atoms

Minnesang: A Tale of Bits And Atoms

Holly Herndon and Hannes Grassegger portray a world of digital feudalism

DIS Magazine: Smear’s Here

Smear’s Here

Mix by Bruce Smear. Art by Ryan Patterson.

DIS Magazine: Villings


Mix by Iydes. Art by Shamus Clisset.

DIS Magazine: HBA Superego SS15: The Score

HBA Superego SS15: The Score

The soundtrack to Hood By Air's SS15 Paris presentaton, by Venus X and Fatima al Qadiri

DIS Magazine: Screentones


Mix by Motion Graphics. Art by Kim Laughton.

DIS Magazine: Music For Your Plants

Music For Your Plants

The elusive Music For Your Plants (MFYP) guides us on a sonically visceral expedition.

DIS Magazine: Fitness Povero: A Lifestyle Guide

Fitness Povero: A Lifestyle Guide

Nina Cristante and Amalia Ulman write to each other about motivation and self recovery.

DIS Magazine: Best Friends

Best Friends

Mix by Onika. Art by Aoto Oouchi.

DIS Magazine: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Mix by Babe E. Art by Babe E.

DIS Magazine: Origins


Mix by Karmelloz. Art by Andreas Ervik with site by Relaax.in.

DIS Magazine: 9174106948


Mix by Quays. Art by Chris Shier.

DIS Magazine: folkLaur


'Try-sexual' pop-star Lauren Devine is back with her first full-length album of sexy, infectious pop hits!

DIS Magazine: Quays | “Physisicks”

Quays | “Physisicks”

Premiering a brand new track from Quays.

DIS Magazine: Firmiana Simplex

Firmiana Simplex

Mix by Soda Plains. Art by Rupert Smyth.

DIS Magazine: World Premiere | Salbahe

World Premiere | Salbahe

Filipina princessas De Se and K Rizz come together to discuss 'Salbahe'

DIS Magazine: One Night In VesperTown

One Night In VesperTown

Mix by VesperTown. Art by Vince McKelvie.

DIS Magazine: Darling’s Room

Darling’s Room

Unreconstructed hermetic masculinity is so over...



A mix by ____HD that tours the drippy noises of anon Scandinavian producers to the squeaky bounce of Jersey Club, and the extreme ha of nu-Vogue music.

DIS Magazine: Materials


Mix by She's Drunk. Art by LaTurbo Avedon.

DIS Magazine: Layers


Mix by Goon Club Allstars. Art by Joe Hamilton.