Riot grrrl was a big part of my life from 1994 to 1998. I published a fanzine called Suburbia, was a member of a riot grrrl chapter, co-organized the Bay Area Girl Convention in 1997, and generally was immersed in that world. The message of empowerment, sisterhood and resistance championed by Riot Grrrl had a profound effect on me in my middle and high school years, and I’m so grateful that I had that experience. This mix is a collection of records and releases I assembled during that time.

Veronica – 24 Hours
Adickdid – All American Girl
The Need – Another Girl
The Shimmy Beckers – Awful Waffle
Athena Starwoman – Boy
Lucid Nation – California Landmark
Cindy Lou Who – Candy Girl
Third Sex – Definition
The Applicators – Drive My Car
Red In Reverse – emptyspaces:brokenplaces/letloose(fight song)
Semisweet – Girl Head Neurosis
The CeBe Barns Band – Height of Fashion
#12 Looks Just Like You – How to Eat Humans 101
Catcall – I Hate History
Terror at Sea – Jupiter!
Firesign – Leaving Me Alone
Red #9 – Mary
Cypher in the Snow – Militia
Lucky Tiger – My Ghost
The Flying Tigers – No Reply
Plan B – NYU
Pretty Fury – Orphan
La Grenuda – Pitfall
Catcall – Privilege
Hello Klitty – Quien Te Meter Juan Copete?
Foxfire – Rocketship
Lucky Tiger – Say You’re Sorry
Hari Kari – She’s A Fake
Amy Fusselman – Six Pack
Kitty Cat Spy Club – The Searcher
The Vegas Beat – To The Fortunate Ones
Foxfire – Token LA Song
Sexysuperpornohardcore – Venusia
Sta Prest – Vespa Sex
The Space Kadettes – Yr My Fav Sooper Uncool

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