The Real Remixes Hit The Beach

We asked you to send us your best Real Housewives theme song remixes, and apparently we got #VitaminD trending. Almost all of the remixes we got back were for the Miami saga, and we’re pleasantly surprised. Who knew the soundtrack to reality could be so… real? Get out your sunglasses and SPF, because it’s time for the Real Remixes of Miami:



…a BONUS TRACK, the Infinite Department Store Mix by Owen. “Using a profound quote from the sage-like Caroline Manzo as a jumping off point, it slowly materializes an infinite Jersey Gardens for listeners to loiter in before returning to their Cherry Hill homes and watching Bravo broadcast mirror images of their own lives infinitely via plastic surgery avatars. A smile creeps across their faces as they remember what Caroline said at the beginning of this seemingly endless transmission – and then the reruns begin.” DISturbing!

Check out CC:Babcock, Sweetbreads, and Diors on Soundcloud.
Thanks to Zachary Waltman and Owen for their remixes!

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