PREMIERE | Babe Rainbow – “Dub Music”

Babe Rainbow unleashes the awesome power of Fiverr on the video for a brand new track titled “Dub Music” from his forthcoming album Falling Apart. We know there are alternatives in the outsourcing-random-shit-for-cheap market, but I’m sure everyone can agree that this time Fiverr has really paid off in the turning-ambient-music-into-classical-violin-pieces-performed-for-webcam department. However, in the promising-people-content-for-cheap department, DIS really has it covered – the track is available to download exclusively on DIS Magazine!

Watch the video below with accompanying sheet music for violin. We are in no doubt you’ll want to fiddle with yourself to this one! You can also listen to Babe Rainbow’s mix for DIS Magazine, Buddha Bass McCafe Lounge Chill Out Spahere.

Dub Music by Babe Rainbow Sheet Music-page-001 (1) Dub Music by Babe Rainbow Sheet Music-page-002 (1) Dub Music by Babe Rainbow Sheet Music-page-003 (1) Dub Music by Babe Rainbow Sheet Music-page-004 (1) Dub Music by Babe Rainbow Sheet Music-page-005 (1) Dub Music by Babe Rainbow Sheet Music-page-006 (1) Dub Music by Babe Rainbow Sheet Music-page-007 (1)

Who’s That Man? A Review of London SS15

Astrid Andersen: Post-Gym-Chic Sumo Wrestler Extravaganza The quintessential Astrid Andersen man recently returned from Japan, where he finished a two-week intensive training course in the ancient art of Sumo wrestling. Moving East and beyond from America’s basketball courts, AA has maintained his athletic idiosyncrasy (nylon textures and practical sweat pants are still at the core of his wardrobe), but integrated quite a bit of delicate floral prints for a gender-flexible summer vibe. Nonetheless, AA starts his… [read more »]

Fine Felons of Former Times

Now that enough time has passed since #FineFelon Jeremy Meeks went viral, reality has (hopefully) settled in and you can calmly admit to yourself that you don’t have a chance with him. Don’t worry though, this isn’t the first instance where being ‘out of one’s league’ coincides with being locked up. We present to you a fine list of criminal poets that will serve as both consolation and cultural enrichment in one fell swoop.  … [read more »]

69 this weekend

69 will be opening its studio to the public for a grand opening event in Downtown LA tomorrow, June 21. Fans of the anonymous denim brand can sip on high-end cocktails or have a light workout while they shop exclusive 69 styles. With a showroom featuring a giant denim bean bag and a matching punching bag and yoga ball (set to be sold through DISown), this is actually what retail therapy looks like! There’s also a spin bike, scale model of… [read more »]

You’ll Never Believe How We Reacted to Facebook’s Game-Changing New Policy

Social media tycoons HATE us! To celebrate Facebook’s recent dictatorial move to control what we can and can not share (again), we are publishing a finely curated selection of irresistible screenshots of clickbait links. Because culture must be defended. At the end of the day, the real thing is always better than headline generators for amateurs. via venirhere

This post was originally published May 16, 2011. We have bumped it in the spirit of the 2014 World Cup and Brazilian soccer star Neymar’s new bangin’ blonde fauxhawk. Cheers!

Deanna Havas on Cynicism, Ideology and the Golden Age of the Advertorial

By now, many have seen artist Richard Prince’s attempt to integrate the #regram into his repertoire of sex, art and appropriation. In a bizarre series of Instagram portraits, Prince reappropriated, printed out, then photographed screenshots of Instagram photos featuring subjects ranging from Pamela Anderson to Junglepussy, often adding strange and sexually ambiguous commentary. All but five of the Instagrams have recently been taken offline by Prince. As an expansion of her initial tweet, DIS Skyped-in… [read more »]

The Ranked Artists of ArtRank

  The apparently disruptive art valuation site devoted to the “emerging art market,” ArtRank, has received a good amount of attention for its short yet promising lifespan. Established on February 8th as Sell You Later (their corporate sponsors since demanded a name change), it set itself on an ambitious mission, toward a goal at once idealistic and ruthlessly pragmatic, straddling the social and cybernetic extremities of commerce and art in today’s art=brand landscape. We reached… [read more »]

POWRPLNT: Technology for the Next Generation of Artists

In New York City, contemporary artists are establishing innovative ways to share knowledge about the potentials of ever-evolving technology in art. POWRPLNT is a fresh contributor and resourceful two month-long digital art “collaboratory” and indoor garden located at Stream Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Its purpose is to promote the use of the intermix of technology, where the digital arts community can interact with the next generation of creators. Open daily from 12pm to 6pm, the space is equipped with five Mac… [read more »]

Who did it first: The artist or the corporation?

Cara Delevingne and BFF Jourdan Dunn got matching tattoos and it’s all over the Internet. Major newspapers, blogs and other media around the world are now republishing the Instagram photo showing off their freshly-inked hips, presumably representing their last names which both start with the letter D. Coincidentally, the tattooed image is the same as the very first logo I created in 2009 when I changed the name for the distribution of my work to Debora… [read more »]