DIS week @ DISown!

What’s up & what’s happening #DISweek at DISown?!


From 5 – 6pm on Saturday, Bjarne Melgaard hosts a special screening of selected films from Brice Dellsperger’s Body Double series. Dellsperger’s films frequently feature the artist himself as he reprises iconic scenes from popular television shows & films such as Miami Vice, Dressed to Kill, & Eyes Wide Shut. RSVP here, and check out a preview from Body Double 22, which revisits David Lynch’s 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.  

Afterwards, join us for Jogging Cocktails at Remixology 2.0, featuring signature Jogging creations using Iceland’s Reyka Vodka, as well as music from Gobby and Kuh Rye-oo of UNO NYC!



On Sunday, tune into DISown Radio with Finn Diesel with special guests @MercuryInMorgan, The Range, NetArtistDaily, and a guest podcast from the English label Donky Pitch, featuring brand new material from Lockah & Tokyo Hands! RSVP to join us online or LIVE at Red Bull Studios from 2 – 7pm. If you missed the show last week, download the special PC Music x DISown Radio Mix below!

And if you haven’t yet stopped by the Red Bull Studios to see #DISown for yourself, take a break from watching True Detective and get over here before we’re gone forever! Remember: DISown is open Saturday & Sunday from 12 – 8pm. Hey you never know… you may even bump into Baauer or Freddie Gibbs while you’re here. See you this weekend! 

surplus living | Alte Münze

Upon entering Alte Münze and walking down the steps to the dewy basement space containing surplus living, we were presented with giant iron doors and dark, stone walls with thick pillars parsing the work in each of the two rooms. Aptly presented in an old coin minting factory space in central Berlin, surplus living contained pieces by 19 different artists exploring the presentation and loss of self in pieces ranging from three personified pieces of ice to metal and wood sculpture, video, collage, and more. The show, curated by Harry Burke, Elisa R. Linn, and Lennart Wolff, succinctly captured the gesture toward commodity and threw us into a space where a criticality into the particulars of the movement beyond that gesture can be explored. Alte Münze presented a unique opportunity for a show registering the formation and distribution of individual pieces of work. The combination of the basement, the heavy doors, leaking walls, and dark corners provide the show a sharp contrast to familiar white walls and enhanced the effects of such charged works as a video depicting the darkness of wandering the Mall of America. Even the location in Berlin allows for a more progressive analysis of art as commodity through the support of outside organizations its counterparts throughout the world may not have the funding structures to allow or access. The work, beside ranging in medium, opened a conversation around temporality and its intersection with an emotive and primarily digital community. Pieces explored the ephemerality of gestures like dropping stones into water, the casualties of glitter when sticking it to paper, even cuddling - but as with Jasper Spicero’s melting ice figures, memory becomes the predominant material of the work as even the traces of melted ice evaporate. Exhibitions remembered through the ritual of installs and immortalization on the web so rarely engage with the function of personal memory and time so well, the success of which comes not from each pieces gesture toward ephemerality but through its foregrounding so each successive piece becomes a release from temporality into new spaces of considerations. Support for surplus living provided by: Royal Norwegian Embassy, Japan Foundation, wolff:architekten, Allianz Kulturstiftung / Generalvertretung Katja Richterr March/14/2014 ­ – March/23/2014 participating artists: Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri Josephine Meckseper Adriana Ramić Yngve Holen Chto Delat? Jasper Spicero Tatsuo Miyajima Amalia Ulman Beny Wagner Nina Beier Britta Thie Jesse Darling Michael E. Smith Wilhelm Mundt Harm van den Dorpel Li Liao Raphael Hefti Constant Dullaart

PC Music x DISown Radio

Last Sunday, DISown Radio premiered an exciting new mix from PC Music that featured exclusive content from A. G. Cook, GFOTY, Danny L Harle, Lil Data, Nu New Edition and Kane West! Now, PC Music brings you a brand new web experience, with art by Kim Laughton, and a free download of the mix here: 00:00 – A. G. Cook 10:00 – GFOTY 20:00 – Danny L Harle 30:00 – Lil Data 40:00 – Nu… [read more »]

Grand Century | ٩١١,000 B.C.

Grand Century, a new art space popping up and popping off in the LES, is presenting its inaugural show this Saturday, March 29th. It’s first exhibition, “٩١١,000 B.C.”, groups 14 international artists exploring the notions of marking, chaos, meaning, and expressivity. Curated by Agatha Wara, ٩١١,000 B.C. will remain open for the day following the inauguration. Grand Century is an artist-run space presenting exhibitions, performances and screenings for one weekend a month. Grand Century is… [read more »]

This Saturday | ECOLOGY 2: Art & Commerce

Video courtesy Brace Brace DIS Magazine and Red Bull Studios invite you to ECOLOGY 2: Art & Commerce. 3-5pm Saturday, March 22nd 220 W. 18th St Can art, as the ultimate benchmark of connoisseurial consumerism, be mobilized through commercial processes to redirect networked flows of power, capital, and desire? Introduced by artist Christopher Kulendran Thomas, this discussion brings together philosopher Benjamin Woodard, curators Agatha Wara and Victoria Ivanova, artist and writer Gean Moreno, and theorist… [read more »]

Arca & Jesse Kanda | TRAUMA

After the release of his earth-shattering &&&&& last year, Arca teamed up with visual artist Jesse Kanda to present a mystifying audio-visual experience at MoMA PS1 which left everyone TRAUMAtized. The first scene of the film, part of a longer project titled TRAUMA, is now available for you to stream in the discomfort of your own home. Next time you’re conducting a candlelit seance or taking a dark oath with some friends, make sure you… [read more »]

INFRA_SPECTION Residency Program

SPACE RESIDENCIES 2014: OPEN CALL Are you up on your #stacktivism? Do you belong somewhere along the intersections of art, technology, and sustainability? Then SPACE is opening its doors to you and all other emerging artists and creative technologists! Applications are now open for five residencies in their dedicated studio at the White Building, Hackney Wick. INFRA_SPECTION Thematic: #stacktivism is a term that draws a critical line of inquiry around infrastructures and our relationships to… [read more »]

Smack Mellon | In Plain Sight

Keep your eyes peeled this Saturday, March 15th, for In Plain Sight, a multimedia exhibition focusing on culturally climactic events in recent history, curated by Sarah Lookofsky. Featuring cinematic and photographic works by Bani Abidi and Bruno Serralongue, In Plain Sight explores the production of cultural symbolism through media saturation, the relationship between the overexposed and the underrepresented, and the potential of documentary practice to reveal what is hidden in plain sight. The result is… [read more »]

4REAL Global Launch Event!

Announcing the official launch of next level creative agency 4Real! Need web design or digital consulting for a cross-platform product? Or brand curating for a mobile launch? Then 4Real is your go-to agency — and tonight you have the chance to meet them in person! 4Real is responsible for shaping projects such as DISimages, Gifpumper, and The Digit. They also provide real time analytics of global Bitcoin exchange rates on their site. Follow / Like… [read more »]

Camille Henrot | The Pale Fox

If you’re in London, don’t miss the first UK solo exhibition by French artist Camille Henrot, entitled The Pale Fox, consisting of installation work that builds on her previous film featured in the 55th Venice Biennale. Demonstrating the breadth of Henrot’s output, this exhibition comprises an architectural display system, found objects, drawing, bronze and ceramic sculpture, and digital images. The spirit of the exhibition draws its energy from multiple, heterogeneous systems of thought and mythology,… [read more »]