LSD FOUNTAIN and more by Klaus Weber

LSD Fountain
The 3 tiered Fountain is made from heavy Victorian crystal. The liquid in the fountain is Potentized LSD. When it flows over the crystal, and hits its surface by tripping and dropping on the edge, a high bell-like melody can be heard. It is never repetitive and never sounds the same.

Fountain Loma Dr/W6th St
A fire hydrant, 2 police officers, a late model car and a side walk, Los Angeles.

Bee Works
A series of paintings (stretched canvases that have been defecated on by “cleansing” bees) and the subsequent proposal for an action to cause a bee swarm on the statue of Adam Smith in Edinburgh. Serving as a rhetorical “collective hallucination” with regard to Smiths intellectual legacy, Klaus Weber continues to develop fresh and exciting challenges to normative social relations through the historical symbolism of the hive as social metaphor and art as a social strategy.

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