Micha Klein

The Arrival of the Rainbow Children, 1999

Bindis, pills, crystal temples,kratom powder, pastel hair and morphing cross cultural beauty! Dutch artist Micha Klein’s work fuses Ibiza club culture with computer graphics, beauty advertisement, fashion photography and web design to produce a techno-utopia we can all believe in.

Klein is also the original live VJ!

Artificial Beauty, 1998

“I believe art can be very life-affirming. Art can be very happy and can have beauty and this can be attained without the work being shallow. Happy can be very deep.” –Micha Klein Flash Art, October 1999

Crystal Power From God, 2000

White Chill, 1996

Orange Vision, 1996

“It’s where the new spiritual background is and where art is happening now, instead of the church, it’s the club. The house of love.” -Micha Klein Flash Art, October 1999

Klein in 2009

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