Blend In By Standing Out

Have you ever tried to fit in but just felt left out? That what you wear really does define who you are and how others view you? Are you being consumed by your consumer identity crisis?

Well, worry no more because there is a new and innovative solution – Introducing the 3-D Body System!

Combining the best of military and hunting technology, we have fabricated a full body answer to your lifestyle woes. This is nothing less than a head-to-toe clothing system that will provide you with total anonymity and instant recognition! The genius of the 3-D Body System lies in its dual ability to both hide the individual from the masses, while simultaneously allowing them to stand out. With the newfound anonymity the 3-D Body System provides, you’ll be making friends, turning heads, and standing out in no time.

And there is more. This system is not only great for improving social situations; it is beneficial to your overall health! Our society today bombards our physical and psychic being with harmful images that can damage an individual’s sense of self. With the 3-D Body System protect yourself and your will to individuality by asserting your right to anonymity.

Concept and Photography \ Joseph Akel
Model \ Phil Bekker
Special thanks to \ Seventh Heart – SF

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