Swarovski Crystal Meth at National Sawdust

Swarovski Crystal Meth, a collaboration between Ser Serpas, Daniela Czenstochowski and Gia Garrison for the National Sawdust “Selkie Series” performances, curated by Alexandra Marzella.

Music composed and produced by Daniela Czenstochowski
Poem by Sera Serpas
Sound Edit Mateo Majluf
Vocals Sera Serpas, Gia Garrison and Daniela Czenstochowski
All Images Olimpia Dior

i went to the desert
con mi mama
outlet store shopping is fried
onto mi conciensa, big bags, wins
bigger losses
fragmented lux economy run on
the opposite and one with a
liberal arts degree
morongo casino hotel
is reservation
all rights tarnished
get reserved
i really hate this place
i forget rural =/= death
so many people
even more stores
we buy
mom buys moms money
bebe shirt
swarovski crystal meth
if every other boy dming
me wasnt assuaging his
overthinking with tina
i hope to some
day come unreserved
to a
shopping trip
alone in the universe
with my mom
i think about
the parents
who beat their kids for a
stain on their shirt what
are they protecting
did they go outlet

Ser Serpas

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