Glaze | Earthly

“Glaze describes the often shiny, wear-protective layer of oxide formed when two metals (or a metal and ceramic) are slid against each other at high temperature in an oxygen-containing atmosphere.”

So says North Carolina electronics duo Earthly regarding the literal definition of “Glaze,” a track from their debut LP, Days. Released this summer via the Noumenal Loom, the album scrambles iridescent textures and wobbly rhythms through various states of flux.

Eno Swinnen conceived the video for “Glaze” inspired by the group’s sense of motion: “I tried to show the energy of this track while staying somewhat relevant to the title. I’d been watching compilations of motoGP races and moments, the sheer speed gave me the same feeling as the music did. All “Glaze” made me think of was smoothness, transparency, cleanliness and glass, machinery and how it’s created; in extreme heat. I don’t think anything captures that as well as a bike glazing over the concrete through every turn, until it eventually overheats.”

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