It’s time…for Art Basel 2015

Our selection of #ArtBasel events not to miss!

What: Performances at 186f Kepler ft. Juliana Huxtable, Marie Karlberg, Anina Troesch, Mai-Thu Perret, Emily Sundblad, John Armleder, Lhaga Koondhor
Where: Müllheimerstrasse 46
4057 Basel
When: Every day after 8pm


What: PRICE live
Where: Schwarzwaldallee project space in Basel, within the SAMPLE
When: June 16, 17, 18 7pm

What: Inauguration of new exhibition space Der TANK ft. an introduction by Chus Martinez
Where: Campus of the Arts
Freilager-Platz 13/Pavillon, 40123 Basel
When: June 17, 8 pm


What: Georgia Sagri is hosting The state of current situations, rumored to be the best party at Basel. Proceeds will go to financing her new art space in Athens, ‘ΥΛΗ[matter]HYLE.
Where: Kaschemme
Lehenmattstrasse 353
When: June 17, 10 pm

Summer Fun, Georgia Sagri

What: TOVES and Fabio Pirovino (Space Is The Place) presents LENE ADLER PETERSEN and Gina Folly

Space Is The Place will also launch a publication with NERO Magazine covering last year’s event in an edition of 100.

Where: Murbacherstrasse 27, 4056 Basel
When: June 19 at 6pm


What: Villa Design Group‘s new three-act dramatic work A Summers Rest (Je T’aime Mont Blanc), will be performed as part of Passing Peaks, the 11th Performance Project of the LISTE Art Fair curated by Eva Birkenstock.
Set on the top floor of a Mountain Chalet, part hotel, part boarding school, part nursery, and part prison, this setting acts as the backdrop for the Villa Design Group’s splitterring of Clifford’s Odets Awake and Sing (1936). With a cast of five actors, the new production draws on Villa Design Group’s research into the pioneering work of the Group Theater. Transforming their familial drama of escape into a conflict between heteronormative privilege of maturation and the queer paranoia of being left behind.
Where: Junges Theater Basel
Kasernenstrasse 23
When: June 19, 7 pm

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