All Dukyana Everywhere

Recently, I spent a beautiful summer eve with my friend and her two goats in scenic Beacon, New York. Their emotional life–and dietary habits–began to fascinate me, as they frolicked and whatever in the backyard. We laughed over cab franc and chatted about natural fiber sourcing from various South American farms, while the goats battled over their toys. Mohair has to come from somewhere…

Enter Dukyana, Bulgaria’s Dior. Where does all of this angora come from? Who handcrafts these garments? How can these shrines to textile in motion come into being? I’m overwhelmed but Milena Bunalova (designer/owner/model) creates them in her studio/store in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. While the distinctly eastern European color story might be a stumbling block for the international consumer, Dukyana is an unparalleled example of Etsy couture & eBay search optimization. Why would you buy any less mohair? Examine the bulbous cable knits, careful gauges, sensitive notions. Consider a leg warmer as a leather-free boot alternative. Switch from Vegan to vegetarian. And visit the Etsy store here.


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