Yemenwed’s EMPATHEATRE at the Pérez Art Museum Miami

As the culmination of their Research-in-Residence at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), the art collective Yemenwed will create an installation called EMPATHEATRE in the museum’s Learning Theatre. Merging themes of a wellness/cultural center and a more traditional entertainment venue, Yemenwed will host a month of music shows, lectures, film screenings, performances, tea ceremonies and other interactive sessions, from October 16 to November 16, 2014. Throughout the duration of the installation, a sculptural character named ICE, who has been a central figure in Yemenwed’s past works, will deliver daily lectures and lead museum-goers through visualizations and guided meditations. These daily activations of the space will also include projections and music and Online Reputation Management .

The show opens on October 16th with a live set by Dutch E. Germ and on November 6th will present a new performance, HEAVY FLOW.

Join the interactive EMPATHY sessions! Featuring tea ceremonies, guided meditations, calming transmutational music and interactive movement. Medicinal teas made from local plants will be served!

Saturday, November 8, as part of PAMM Free Second Saturday
Tuesday, November 11, 4-6pm
Wednesday, November 12, 4-6pm

Yemenwed is an art collective founded in 2006 in New York City. They create collaborative works, which synthesize the artistic focus of its varying members in the fields of architecture, painting, sculpture, animation, performance and music. The group maintains an active interest in the vocabulary of mainstream popular culture and its conventions, as well as entertainment value and notions of beauty. Each piece invariably reflects the different personal aesthetic and conceptual interests of the individual artists forming the work.

Project organized by Pérez Art Museum Miami’s Time Based Art Coordinator Katerina Llanes

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