Hello from LevelFive


WHAT: LevelFive is a live role-playing event which is focused on critically exploring self-actualization seminars from the 1970’s. The 3 day physically and psychologically participatory performance will loosely follow the structure of early Large Group Awareness Training sessions like Erhard Seminars Training, but it is not a re-enactment. This open-ended live role-playing environment with up to 75 players will provide a space in which players are free to explore self-actualization issues with varying degrees of personal intensity, but via an alibi or fabricated character. Players from the LARP, experimental theater, academic, and performance art communities are expected to participate.

WHEN AND WHERE: LevelFive will be organized twice:
* At the Hammer Museum of Art in Los Angeles on September 3-5, 2010 (50 spots); and
* At the San Jose Convention Center on September 16-18, 2010, during the Zero1 Biennial (75 spots).

WHO: This performance is created and organized by the artist Brody Condon. The live game mechanics and management are being developed by the Scandinavian based progressive live game designer Bjarke Pedersen, along with character and workshop development by Tobius Wrigstad and Monica Traxl.

LevelFive seeks participants. Please feel free to spread the word far and wide, and PLEASE sign up on the website for the mailing list now. Space is limited.


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