Kickstarter has failed us: RIP the Ripflip

ripflipIf only we had known, things could have been different.
We discovered the Ripflip kickstarter just one day too late. ‘The most versatile footwear product in the WORLD’ fell $248,000 short of its $250,000 goal. Lofty, yes; but we only have ourselves to blame for the trans-shoe’s premature burial. How will we face our impending Waterworld lifestyles without Wetgear’s innovative amphibian footwear? The possibility of swimming, climbing, and a safe gait on our treadmill/standing desk combos was within our reach-but has now slipped through our tender grasp. ‚Ą≥ajor DISapproval, Kickstarteers.
What could have been:


Wetgear Ripflip

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