DIS week: !!??!?!?!

DIS week - 24 Jan


“Did you watch Girls??!??!?!” Absolutely not.

Google **ass: Congrats narcissists! Now you can watch yourself having sex while having sex with someone else! Thxu google! Thxu technology!


RATS!: Hey, England, there’s a ghost ship full of rabid, disease-ridden rats heading your way, and there may be nothing we can do about it!! I’m so sorry!!!!!! I wish u luck!!!!!!!


Happy MLK Day: Omg! Isn’t this picture of Garage Magazine editor Dasha Zhukova sitting in a chair so cute? Omg ya! Totes cute. That chair is kind of weird though… is that a…? K.



Yummmmmm: This blueberry muffin looks just like this girl’s pet Chihuahua… want to buy it?


Photobomb Casualty: Just want you all to know that we have now reached a point in our socio-popcultural lives where you may DIE if you accidentally accidentally PHOTOBOMB a stranger’s Insta pic. Idek anymore, guys.


Wait did someone say Justin Bieber?


Don’t care. Still love him. #LEAVE. #JUSTIN. #ALONE.

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