SETH — Fish Oil

Styled by: Haley Wollens

Peep the latest work from SETH, the new experimental duo synergistically composed of artists Gobby and Jamie Krasner. Their audiovisual trip, “Fish Oil,” looks and sounds like it teleported from a futuristic space-pop-time continuum right into our screens, destined to nestle deep within our psyche. The narrative glows with telepathic vibes and unfolds under a paranormal conception of time, all while the dream-drenched beat resonates with stacked layers of vocals and extrasensory perceptions. Earthliness and divinity are conjoined with eccentric ecstasy and graceful grit. As our pupils dilate and our cosmic contours expand, the music takes decisively surprising turns, in which decelerated tape reversals meet reversions of linearity that progress along quasi-conventional lines. We may have been caught off guard by the mystical, feline pilgrimage into which we were suddenly inducted in “Fish Oil” — but that is all the more reason why we look forward to hearing, seeing, and experiencing more from SETH!

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