American Intrigue | A PDF of the Arts

American Intrigue introduced a thought-inducing PDF of the arts for the smartphone. Edited by Adam Humphreys, the literary journal radiates around contribution from poets, film makers, artists and anon twitter accounts.

Bang Bros artwork by Josh Pavlacky of ‘American Medium’

Bang Bros artwork by Josh Pavlacky of ‘American Medium’

Photography by Erik Madigan Heck

Photography by Erik Madigan Heck

The issue features the story of personal narrative written by Johannes Thumfart, about an anonymous German blogger who wrote extremely depraved and lurid posts about Berlin nightlife in the mid noughties, who was plagiarized by a “celebrated 17 year old literary prodigy”. The second issue also features AE Ribbon’s sci-fi novel, entitled Bang Bros, which some may recognise as the facial-rampaging porn site of the same name. The story focuses on colonial moon living in a posthuman existence, centering around social breakdown and dystopian views of what our planet is undoubtedly heading for.

Spencer Madsen's viral poem from 'A Million Bears'

Spencer Madsen’s viral poem from ‘A Million Bears’

American Intrigue #2 Launch hosted by Jamie Sterns

American Intrigue #2 launch host Jamie Sterns

The American Intrigue #2 launch will be happening tomorrow, with readings by AE Ribbon and Johannes Thumfart, with special host Jamie Sterns:

Wednesday, August 28th – 7:30pm
Mellow Pages Library
56 Bogart St. 1S
Brooklyn, New York 11206

The second issue of American Intrigue is available to download in PDF to your smartphone now HERE.

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