Outside Inside Sensibility | Jana Euler and Stewart Uoo

There’s a painting of Whitney in the Whitney, and you should probably see it. Jana Euler and Stewart Uoo made their first US museum debut with Outside Inside Sensibility, and it’s a strong showing. Uoo’s cyberjunk mannequins are all posed, and they’re ready for a night out, prepared with USB chargers and hair extensions that would make Whitney herself jealous. Speaking of which, what’s up with Jana Euler’s painting of Whitney Houston singing over the Whitney building, located in the Whitney? I’m not really sure, but I get the feeling that this is exactly what contemporary painting needs for a relevancy reboot.

Installation view of Stewart Uoo and Jana Euler: Outside Inside Sensibility (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, May 10 – August 11, 2013).
Photographs Sheldan C. Collins

See it at the Whitney until August 11th.

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