DIScrit 89plus Tips & Tricks!

DIScrit 89plus is on! Have you submitted and voted yet?

We’ve gotten a lot of questions – what is the purpose of art production in the situation of late capitalism? How does one navigate the thin boundary between collaboration and cooperation? What kind of criteria can be developed to evaluate the new and evolving forms of creative practice enabled by contemporary technology? But more importantly, we’ve gotten questions about the rules for DIScrit 89plus. And we have answers!


You should submit three (3) projects total. One (1) of these projects must take the form of a proposal for a work to be realized in the future.

Each project can be represented with a combination of images, video, and URL. You can submit up to five (5) images, one (1) video, and one (1) URL per project.


All images must be JPGs under 1MB. Sorry, no .GIFs! If you want to use GIF animations, PDFs, or other unsupported file types, use the option to link to a URL containing those files.


You can add videos from a YouTube or Vimeo URL.


The URL is optional, and allows you to represent your project in a web context. If you’re a writer, architect, or want to show work using online technology, the URL is the place to do it. Optionally, you can use the Images in your DIScrit project to show screenshots illustrating your web content.


Tell us about your project! The description is an opportunity for you to help visitors understand your perspective and work.


Don’t forget to include a caption for each project example. Get into the details!


Collaborations, collectives, and duos are welcome!


Get noticed, go public! Like, share, and tweet your profile.


You can edit your profile up until midnight Eastern Standard Time on August 15th.


One grant will be awarded by an international jury, another by the popular vote. Click + to vote for your favorite artists!


Your birthday must fall on or after January 1, 1989. Your profile will not be visible until you have at least one project published!


A few people were earlier unable to upload a profile picture; this issue has been fixed. If you spot bugs or are having problems with the site, let us know!

If you have more questions, email CRIT@DISmagazine.com!

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