Yemenwed: Woman Merges w Car

TONIGHT | 8:00 – 9:00 PM | at Jack Hanley Gallery, NYC

Presented in conjunction with Amy Yao’s solo exhibition,

Woman merges w Car is a rhythmic puzzle played out in sequential gestures by three performers. The performance is set inside an abstract bathroom. In the piece, one woman merges with technology, another with nature, and the third acts as a mime narrator functioning as the opposing particle to each.

Woman merges w Car is written and choreographed by Megha Barnabas and Gloria Maximo, and performed by Megha Barnabas, Gloria Maximo, and Melissa Ip. Set design and sculptures are by Shawn Maximo, with a sculpture by Paul Kopkau. Music by Tim Dewit.

Yemenwed is a collaborative project series, which brings together an expansive cast of artists from varied disciplines. Through video, performance, sculpture, and music, Yemenwed explores abstracted concepts of displacement and detachment, fluid identity, domesticity, and the peripheral. Each project provides an aperture to an expanding visual language of icons, objects, characters, and architecture.

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