Georgie Nettell at Reena Spaulings

Is your life coach disappointed in your lack of to-do list follow-through? Do you enjoy art that kinda stresses you out? If your answers are “Yes…”, and “…Maybe”, this gallery exhibition might be for you. This weekend, stop by Reena Spaulings gallery to see Georgie Nettell’s new works, and maybe bring hand sanitizer and some breathing exercises. On display are Nettell’s paintings and restaurant bus trays filled with dirty dishes. The unclean dishes evoke a laziness reminiscent of the Minimal masters, but with an even more thorough commitment to effort aversion. Commendable, and relatable. Take a look:

Georgie Nettell at Reena Spaulings
165 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002
Ends April 14, 2013

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