Xavier Cha at 47 Canal

Tangibly Untitled. Significantly Nothing. A substantive vacuum. In the void, empty space is all that matters. Xavier Cha’s Untitled, 2012 opens Friday, November 30th at 47 Canal in New York.

Untitled, 2012
4 channel video

Sound by Jonathan Coward

“There’s nothing… there seemed like there was something and it could be lifted off, but it’s just me and I’m still here.”

“I have a lot of ocular damage, like those clouds. I have some really consistent ones. Sometimes I go long periods of time without acknowledging or paying attention to them. It wire brushes your sensory, wire brushes off your jaded interaction with your senses, with my own senses. I haven’t compartmentalized not seeing… I am seeing the cloudiness in my vision, before my vision. It’s like I can step back a phase in my ocular nerves. I’m able to see with my eyes again, what is inside of them.”

“I really missed someone. Really missed this person.”

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