Global .Wav | Sha3r, Sha3r (Hair, Hair)

This Iraqi song is called “Sha3r, Sha3r” (Hair, Hair) and is pretty self-explanatory. The fact that there’s a trio of bald guys (looking a tad Tibetan-gym-queen) singing the chorus is weird enough, but the singer, Hassan Al Rassam, believes he’s a man cut from the sateen cloth of Nu Jazz, with his baker boy hat and smoldering soul patch. He switches mid-way to smart, casual, Mediterranean douche attire: a complimentary evening option.
However, this video is all about the girls, hired to dance hacha3 for their Nu Jazz pimps. “Hacha3” = head banging at it’s most ancient and slutty.

Time for a vocabulary lesson! 3 represents the letter ع in Arabic, and is made by the root of the tongue touching the pharyngeal wall. Give it a shot, it might improve your B.J. skillz.

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