Post-Arab Spring Dictatorial Techno

Since Gaddafi’s infamous “Zenga Zenga” speech, a new trend has manifested across the Arab world. Remixing dictatorial speeches into satirical techno tracks and uploading them to Youtube. In this clip, we see Bashar Al Assad, Syria’s ruthless former dentist at the helm, stating “Ilal ammam! Naseer ilal ammam” (Go forth! We shall go forth!) Mashed with select clips of Gaddafi and Bashar chanting, “revolution” and against, “terrorists, traitors, villains, cads” and the like. A lot fo artful chopping created parts like Bahsar saying, “This is the End,” cutting back and forth to Gaddafi’s response, “For You!” The track ends with with the statement, “Until the regime collapses.” The popularity of these remixes is indicated further by the fact that they’re available to purchase in CD format in select stores. Amazing.

Thanks to Monira Al Qadiri

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