Battle Against Inertia

Analisa Teachworth explores the different states of being in the modern world.

“The world today is in a place of rapid progression, completely new and changing at an accelerated pace. We experience a multitude of new forms of interpreting information due to technological advance. These subjects often leave us bombarded and unable to discriminate value. We find the mind and soul must battle to comprehend how to safely exist in our current state and still progress. Navigating through life we are compelled to find a fit for states being in the modern world.

Motion vs. rest, natural vs. technological, expansion vs. introversion.

In this age of hyper simulation how can we successfully control the matter of the universe, forward the mind into its higher stasis, and excel the soul deeper into its eternal harmony. Moving through space, objects, concepts, sound, we force- interaction. Propelled through new situations of our present, constantly determining answers to the questions you did not know you need to ask.

I have the fluid answer, seeking to express it on my terms. Making the effort to execute change and enter the battle expressing these ideas via performance through visual materials /objects we relate and interface, physical movements as metaphor , and sound as language.”

Battle Against Inertia was part of “Four Minutes, Thirty-Three Seconds,” an exhibition curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud at LegalArt, Miami.

Photos by Kerry McLaney and Quentin Belt.

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