LIKE ART BASEL and BYOB, Friday Dec 2nd

LikeArtBasel opens December 2, 2011 @6pm
@ The Workshop
171 NW 23rd St.
Miami, FL. 33127.

Joey Card [20/M/MEXICO]
Petra Cortright [25/F/CA]
Sterling Crispin [25/M/CA]
Nick DeMarco [25/M/NYC]
Bea Fremderman [23/F/CHI]
Rachel Lord [25/F/LA]
Will Neibergall [14/M/AZ]
Ryder Ripps [25/M/NYC]
Rafael Rozdendaal [31/M/BERLIN]
Liz Rywelski [26/F/NYC]
Zach Shipko [24/M/SF]
Ryan Trecartin [30/M/LA

LikeArtBasel is aimed at raising the exposure of Internet and Technology aware art. A group exhibition curated with the belief that art should be reflective of its time, these works address subjects unique to the technology infused society and internet fluent culture of today. Some artists in this exhibition have never sold work, while others have exhibited in venues such as The Whitney Biennial, Saatchi Gallery, The Venice Biennial, and The New Museum. Believing that art’s power is intrinsically social, LikeArtBasel is curated under the basis that an artist’s newfound clout is measured in quantities of Facebook “Likes”, not the Biennials. The outcome of this fresh curatorial style is democratic and honest – demanding only the best.

The LikArtBasel opening reception will be followed by a one night exhibition hosting artists and their projectors:

B○Y○O○B ♒ M○I○A○M○I
BYOB Art Basel Miami
December 2nd, 2011 @ Grand Central, 697 N Miami Ave, 10PM

Participants: Alan Schaffer, Amanda Green, Billy Rennekamp, Cat Dove with Kyle Chapman, Elisa Giardina Papa, Jeane Cooper, Jen Stark, Jonathan Vingiano, Kyunghee Jwa, Lazaro Rodriguez, Luca Bolognesi, Lucy Chinen with Emilie Gervais, Margaret Penney, Marisa Olson, Pablo Gnecco, Rene Abythe, Ryder Ripps, Sarah Weis with Emilie Gervais, Spencer Ashby, Sterling Crispin, Steve Saiz, Theo Michael,, Walter Latimer with Benjamin Kellogg.

Organized by Daniel Leyva and Katrina Toimill
.gif by Michael Willis

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