Pablo Helguera’s Neologisms

Arte al dente
Works that emerge at the exact moment of the height of a particular trend.

Making an art event appear really exclusive in order to ensure a large attendance.

Refers to the practice by some artists to take a finished work back to the studio to modify aspects of it. He rehatched all his works from the 70s.

Direct Labor
Term used to refer to the amount of actual physical or mental work involved in the creation of an art work, often with the purpose to argue for a higher or lower price.

Collection Mining
Practice by dealers and curators of discreetly gauging the collection of a rich donor during a reception at their home, with the hopes to identify their interests and influence possible future sales, purchases, or donations.

Term applied to artists who, after trying a new style in their work that results unsuccessful, revert to a previous style that was better received critically.

Factor taken into consideration when assessing the social ranking of a yet unknown quantity in the art world by seeing who this person is being accompanied at a social event. Considering his chaperonage, he must be a really hot artist.

Curatorial Rigging
Term that refers to curators who specialize in riding curatorial trends en vogue, often exhibiting the better known artists of the moment.

Readymade Career
The term refers to those artists who base their entire production in the direct imitation of the body of work of another, better-known artist to the point of almost literal appropriation, arguing that they only reference the work.

Lame curator
Someone who usually works for an institution and bears the title of curator but has little or no decision power.

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