A senior furniture crit

The most memorable work from the 2011 graduates of the RISD Furniture Department in order of presentation (All photos by Eric Zhou):

Lui Kawasumi

Umbrellas that expand upon the work of Joonsoo Kim, Joo Youn Paek, Seung Hee Son, Hironao Tsuboi, Liu Hsiang-Ling, Gerwin Hoogendoorn, and Stephanie Tharp

RISD Furniture Crit Lui Kuwasumi UmbrellasProfessor Christopher Specce is using one of the umbrellas

Vivian Chiu

The Pixel Chair – A meditative process, reprocessed

RISD Furniture Crit Vivian Chiu Pixel ChairDesigner and Critic Lindsay Adelman is sitting in the chair

Frances Kao

Wish Table – Post-nieve neo-hippie stuff for Temporary Autonomous Zones v3.1

RISD Furniture Crit Frances Kao Wish Table

Natalie Hirsh

Stockade Shelf – Accessible bondage utilities for fetish within reach

RISD Furniture Crit Natalie Hirsch Stockade ShelfA friend of the designer is restrained in the shelf

Evan Murphy

The Ammut bed as seen on AFHV illustrated by R. Crumb in a neo-classical style. Comedy in furniture similar to Colen, Hirst, and the Chapmans

RISD Furniture Crit Evan Murphy Tutankhamen Dog BedS. Adrian III is sitting on the bed

Misha Khan

Tables and Chandeliers – Composites in a screensaver as a table like Geatano Pesce doing Steampunk or cozy mixed-media like Hella Jongerius

RISD Furniture Crit Misha Khan Table and Chandeliers

Overall there was mixing, mechanism, parametrics, permutation, and wit all wrestling within the big history of RISD.


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Rip your fishnets with this Processing fabric simulation by BlueThen

Kathleen Realness

Video artist Kathleen Daniels speaks to AdrianIII for DIS Magazine Transcript AdrianIII: This is AdrianIII for DIS Magazine, homegirl, and we’re here with Kathleen Daniels, video artist and musician. Original, differentiated, technologically poignant. First off, it’s a pleasure to speak with you, finally, even if it is asynchronous. Kathleen Daniels: It’s a pleasure to meet you, too, but it seems like we are old friends. I can see how we are old friends. How are… [read more »]

Multi-Modal Communication

Recently at my sisters wedding, my aunt Geraldine wore a Jawbone brand bluetooth earpiece all day long. She wore it in the church, during the processional drive, and at the reception. She was business-borg.