Training for Exploitation? Towards an Alternative Curriculum

Since 2010 we have been organising around issues of free and precarious labour within the education, arts and design sectors. Through our work together, including the making of our Carrot Workers’ Counter-Guide to Internships  and carrying out the People’s Tribunal on Precarity , it has become clear to us that we need to engage with the fact that our colleges and universities play a pivotal role in setting up and normalising the regimes of free/precarious labour and life.

In response to this realisation, we began to work towards an alternative curriculum that could be used as a tool by educators and/or students. We invite you to use this resource and to share with us your thoughts and ideas, as well as further links, references or tools that you might be using already so that we can expand this set of resources and share ways of intervening into existing neoliberal educational structures.

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