“The Platforms are 6-inch, silver leather sandals with built-in video and GPS technology that link the wearer to emergency services and an online community network. These design elements combine the rich mythology of Aphrodite with the concerns of sex workers on the streets: safety, advertising/promotion, and community.” -www.theaphroditeproject.tv

Answers encouraged! 1. Would you rather have the phrase ‘I’m lovin it’ tattooed above your butt, tramp stamp style… or have a trompe l’oeil havaianas flip flop strap tattooed on just one of your feet? 2. Would you rather walk in circles in front of 4 Times Square, home of Condé Nast publishing, in 7ft high stilts chanting “I AM AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL” for 2 hours… or skate up the entire West Side Highway… [read more »]