It’s a #NEWYEAR & a #NEWMOON, so get your #NEWLIFE


2014 is here, and NOTHING will be the same. We start the year off with a New Moon in Capricorn, perfect for manifesting New Year’s resolutions. Keep your intentions #positive! Before I talk about the personal impact the planets will have on each sign in 2014, I’m going to give you a rundown of how the cosmic vibes will effect the universe at large.

Scroll down and I’ll guide you through the year ahead…

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Jupiter is gifting you in June, find out how in your DIStrology from @Mercuryinmorgan

Gemini, June is your moment (a la Rebecca Black), enjoy your 15 minutes in the planetary spotlight! Jupiter, the planet of good luck and interstellar praise, has been in Gemini for the past year, expanding your interests and blowing up your reality. It’s about to leave your sign, and it won’t be back for 11 years, but the last few weeks of its stay will be cause for celebration. Jupiter’s expansive influence has given you… [read more »]

May DIStrology from @Mercuryinmorgan: Avoid Being Eclipsed!

You’ve been eclipsed, and you’re going to be eclipsed again on May 9, Taurus, but your anthem this month is “Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe,” because the moon is going to be a bish, but Mars and Mercury will move through your sign giving you clarity, energy, and motivation to hang in there while the eclipses make adjustments in your life. Parts of May will feel like an extended trip to the chiropractor, but remember… [read more »]

Your April DIStrology Forecast from @Mercuryinmorgan

  Batten down the hatches! We’re entering ECLIPSE SEASON! “Eclipse Season,” for astrologers is what Hurricane season is to meteorologists. Every year we go through a series of eclipses, and depending on how they work with your chart, they will stir up storms in your social life, or drudge up drama at work, but they could also lead to positive events like a marriage proposal or a  promotion. Whatever happens, it’s always dramatic and unpredictable.… [read more »]

Get your Astrological Forecast, and Attune your Vibrations to the New Moon in Pisces 2NITE!

A message for the whole Zodiac about the new moon in Pisces : The new moon in Pisces today is the perfect occasion to space out, sleep, get high, and totally retreat from reality. But while you do that, spend some time dreaming of what you want to accomplish in the next lunar cycle. This new moon can be used to enrich your emotional life and connect with your true feelings. Deal with all those… [read more »]

Your February Astrological Forecast from @Mercuryinmorgan

  As Lana Del Rey poignantly lyricized on her second album, Born to Die, “Money is the anthem of success” and in February, every Aquarius will know that it’s a fact. Venus spells out “AQUARIUS” in neon lights from February 1 to February 25, and everyone wants to come see your show. Love and money are kinetically attracted to your physical being with Venus in your sign, and the planetary stadium will be packed on February… [read more »]

Your Monthly Forecast for January 2013

Capricorn Calculating Capricorn, you start 2013 off with a #rare opportunity to turn your dreams into reality. The new moon on January 11 falls in Capricorn, and it gives you a chance to completely refresh your outlook on life! I know practical Capricorn has a hard time believing in new moon magick, but if you spend a couple of hours meditating on your desires — material, meta-physical, love life, work life, whatever — I promise… [read more »]

Astrology IRL: Your Guide to #2K13

We’ve made it 99% through the year of #yolo, and 2013 shines bright like a diamond, just around the corner. What does it have in store for us? Consciousness continues to shift. We all become more connected and a little bit more psychic as we move deeper in to the age of Aquarius. The network is expanding. In 2012, Neptune shifted into Pisces for 14 years, and reality is still downloading the upgrade. 2013 will be… [read more »]

Eclipse at Calypso

Who knew that camel is not only Khaki’s sophisticated cousin but the color of Saturn, signifying authority, and enhancing career and success? For those seeking to activate Chi in a specific sector of their star chart, astrology guru Susan Miller has curated a collection of cashmere for Calypso in 13 colorways connected with the planets that are guaranteed to update one’s energy. Say you need to feel more assertive and energetic? Choose cayenne the color… [read more »]

Mercurial Metaphysics: A Retrograde Recap + a Weekly Forecast
Avoid the Astrological Apocalypse with Your 2012 Retrograde Survival Guide

Did you hear how 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world? For the past millennium, Stargazers across the globe have foretold a cosmic maelstrom of events to happen this year because of the many extreme aspects the planets make. While 2012 probably won’t be the last year of human consciousness, it will be a year of unprecedented change, and there is a series of powerful retrogrades (currently in progress) certain to send… [read more »]

A DIS Birthday Chart Reading!  #2yrsold

Two years ago today at 1:45 PM Dis Magazine shared it’s first content with the online universe. In the preceding two years, Dis has made thousands of uploads in to the collective subconscious, expanding the minds of a generation through collaborative projects on and off line. With a Sun in Pisces placed prominently in the 9th House of the Zodiac, Dis is an organization of indivduals brought together by a common interest in exploring the… [read more »]

Neptune is now in Pisces! A planetary shift towards the poetic.

Can you feel the vibes? Mystics, astrologers, fortune tellers, and gurus world wide let out a collective OM when Neptune, the planet of psychic receptivity, spirituality, and higher visions completed its much anticipated shift in to Pisces on February 3rd of this year. Neptune returning to Pisces is like a reconnection with the mothership, since Neptune is the planet of Pisces rulership. It stimulates a rejuvenation of the collective subconscious and rekindles imagination on a… [read more »]