A Man Digging

In Jon Rafman’s newest film, A Man Digging, a virtual flaneur undertakes an evocative journey through the uncanny spaces of video game massacres. In a re-visioning of the game Max Payne 3, Rafman radically transforms the role of the player. He now encounters the digital landscapes not as a numb fighter, but as a human who is touched by death and gore, even when it is rendered banal in its ubiquity. Divorced from their original… [read more »]


Photography Harry Griffin Art Direction Babak Radboy Styling Avena Gallagher Casting Preston Chaunsumlit Photography Assistant Dexter Lander Production Joyce Ng, Patric DiCaprio Hair Junya Nakashima Makeup Claudia Lake All Clothes Kmart and VFILES Watch MODEL FILES every Tuesday on VFILES. Models Arnold Wu, Dan Sutti, Amira Ahmed, Katherine Jiao, BJ Tonti

Okay, TMZ. Really?! Katie Holmes’ Knee Vagina?

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DISability: Foot Work
CONVENTION | Where Beauty Means Business


When a Bag Needs a Bag
Ain’t Miscuratin’

As far as word trends go, the word curate still exists in a somewhat rarified air. One can use curate knowingly with tongue in cheek: “Let’s curate our spice rack!” Or, more commonly and less nerdily, in the service of specialized artisanal commerce: “curating food stands” of the Brooklyn Flea swap meet, or a site that lets women curate their own clothing store from featured brands, earning 10% on any sales from their page. Curate… [read more »]

Best and Worst Spring 2012

Miu Miu If gag reflex was your first response to Miu Miu’s latest concoction, you are not alone, but you’re also wrong. Pretty and gross collided to make an altogether confusing collection that felt at once homespun folksy and completely glitchy CG. Perhaps it was originally designed in Second Life for a greasy middle parted teenage avatar. What we do know is Miuccia took years off the shawl and in doing so, somehow made it… [read more »]

Kinæsthetic Companions
Solution 196-213: United States of Palestine-Israel

Solution 196–213: United States of Palestine-Israel (edited by Joshua Simon), is an anthology of texts proposing a doable solution for the region. With contributors based in Ramallah and Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Vienna and Berlin, Beirut and Jerusalem, New-York and Bethlehem, Nazareth and Warsaw, the book offers eighteen solutions and ways to do them.

The Estheticist (a recompilation from present and past issues)

The Estheticist is a free ongoing service of art consultation around practical, philosophical and ethical issues around the visual arts profession. To ask a question, email estheticist [ at ] aol.com. Participants accept that their questions may be used for a printed publication that will serve as a professional development tool for emerging professionals in the arts. Your question will be confidentially and the question will appear as anonymous unless you specify otherwise. To see… [read more »]

Manchester Riots- overhead view of looting on Oldham Street
Interviews of Women in Jail

La Memoria del Mensajero/ La Rouge is a series of video interviews of female inmates in a Barcelona jail directed by Oriol Font. Oriol Font is a Barcelona artist that works with video and sculpture. http://oriolfontvideo.com/ http://oriolfontvideo.com/oriol_font_1994_2010.pdf

The Concept of Non-Photography

It’s dangerous to premise a definition, let alone a new theoretical approach, by outlining what it is not. And yet author François Laruelle could hardly have done otherwise with this new addition, published this year by Urbanomic/Sequence Press, to his work on non-philosophy- a term he coined. The “non-photography” of this eponymous study is set against myriad conventions, notably the idea of photography as somehow initiary, a jewel of Occidental prophesy fulfilled, mapping the world… [read more »]

Artist’s Statement

An Artist’s Statement from Charlotte Young © 2011

Performance Art
Gallery Receptionists
What I Owe: The Financial Exploitation of Models

In the summer of 2007, in the middle of a famous credit bubble, I was in the fortunate and unusual — for my generation — position of owing no money to any bank or government. This was because the college I had just graduated from had been a large, rather un-special public institution, which I chose largely because it was “cheap.” I was able to pay for my education in full as I received it… [read more »]