Celebrity Bubbling ★


jeanette hayes

“We all know that there’s nothing better than some celebrity skin.. and it seems as if,  from time to time, our fav. stars don’t mind snapping a few pics for us behind the scenes.. but they can’t all be as good as Chris Brown & Ke$ha.. Sometimes we need to fill in for them with a little imagination and photoshop..”

Back in 2010 Bubbling was all the craze, and being so recession era CS2 .. for those of us who couldn’t figure out  the clone stamping tool, It was the perfect solution for spicing up a HOT bikini shot.. it was fun, quick and ugly colors like Blue. Not sure what happened to the technique really, but doesn’t appear as if anyone is Bubbling anymore.. I wonder why?

Here are some Bubblings of my Fav. Celebs

Mykki Blanco

“unless i meet a real weirdo, i don’t think i can be in a serious relationship until my body changes, my mood swings way too much..”



“The problem with wearing diamond earrings is that they always scratch up my blckbrry screen when I’m on the phone…”


Picture Plane

“If you were mine, I wouldn’t want to go to heaven.”



“Don’t let people who never loved you and never knew you tell you who you are …”

@venusxGG  ❤

Ryder Ripps“the only people i pay attention to are black and gay..”

@RyderRipps  ❤

Lauren Devine

“Someone needs to vid chat into my hotel room while I get drunk alone. Its come to that. And I never even drink rlly… ”


analisa teachworth


hidden cameras…”

@parkangels  ❤

David Elder

“u end up watching so much porn that u just have to do it its like the same thing with music u kno…”

@DavidElder  ❤

Honey Dijon

“4 hours of sleep and at the airport! Thank god for caramel macchiatos…”


shayne oliver

“I just want to braid your hair…”


Ryan Trecartin“Just found a receipt – totally gonna write it off…”


Jacky Jack Jack

“Shout out 2 all sexies!!! RT if u have ever met a sexy…”


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