Zachary German, The Void Of New Literary Microcelebrity, an Interview with Adam Humphreys

Shitty Youth (2012) from adam humphreys on Vimeo.

[Transcript of Erik Stinson’s (ES) interview for DIS Magazine with Adam Humphreys (AH) in Erik’s Bushwick Brooklyn basement apartment re: the new film Shitty Youth (dir. Adam) and the film’s subject, Zachary German (ZG).]

ES: I want to talk about ZG and then I want to talk about how you built him up.

AH: I didn’t build him up. He built himself.

ES: How did you first hear about ZG?

AH: I read Bear Parade [an online lit journal published by Tao Lin].

[…] [Discussion of Bear Parade, who was else was published, their work.]

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