Everyone Rubs

Rubbing noses is more sanitary than a kiss, less formal than handshake. Not only is it the official Maori greeting, it seems everybody does it: grandparents, twins, parrots, girls with wet hair, girls playing in snow, business people, pregnant women, gorillas, straight couples, asian couples, gay couples, sphinxes, mothers, toys, politicians, Pinocchio, David Beckham, Buddha, Minnie Mouse, Prince William, and Michael Jackson… Rub it in.
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“Miss of The Village” is a Croatian Beauty Contest organized by www.seljaci.org. Young women apply annually by submitting photographs, and are voted by viewers throughout Croatia. The winner is photographed in the act of peeling corn, becoming a symbol of harvest beauty, memorialized on 20,000 rural calendars. Recent winners are seen here with and without the official “Miss of the Village” stylist! “One is more beautiful than the other.” -seljaci.org