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This Saturday | ECOLOGY 2: Art & Commerce

Video courtesy Brace Brace DIS Magazine and Red Bull Studios invite you to ECOLOGY 2: Art & Commerce. 3-5pm Saturday, March 22nd 220 W. 18th St Can art, as the ultimate benchmark of connoisseurial consumerism, be mobilized through commercial processes to redirect networked flows of power, capital, and desire? Introduced by artist Christopher Kulendran Thomas, this discussion brings together philosopher Benjamin Woodard, curators Agatha Wara and Victoria Ivanova, artist and writer Gean Moreno, and theorist… [read more »]

Shop Gagosian

As the coevolution of museums and galleries continues, their shared strategies become increasingly apparent. The logic of the gift shop–allow visitors to engage in commerce related to unbuyable, historic cultural objects–is native to a museum space, but a bit newer for a gallery. The Gagosian’s Shop is an exciting transportation of the gift shop model from fundraiser to business model: the cultural values being capitalized on are not unbuyable because of their removal from the… [read more »]

DISown Radio

It’s the launch of DISown Radio! Come by DISown at the Red Bull Studios, 220 W 18th street or listen online at radio.dismagazine.com. 2-3pm DISown Radio with Finn Diesel (live) – a recap of the week at the Red Bull Studio with previews of upcoming events and exclusive tracks from the DIS music editor’s favorite artists. 3-5pm Astro Nautico (live) – the label project from LuckyMe affiliate Obey City joins us live in studio. 5-7pm… [read more »]

Chanel Shopping Center

Karl’s been shopping at Monoprix and knocking off Necessary Clothing! Check out his FDA approved supermarket accessories below:

Sonic Chatroulette
10,000 Screaming Faggots
Luar Zepol’s Polar Vortex
Perfect Lullaby vol. 2
Announcing DISown
CONVENTION | Hard at Play
Curating Overkill

20 years ago, Superflex appeared on the art scene with their first major work: the opening of a highway in the province of Copenhagen. The moment the minister of traffic cut the red ribbon, which the artist group had set up, was broadcast on national television. Afterwards Superflex expressed their hope that the beautiful new road in the Danish countryside, which they claimed as theirs, should never be used. Soon after Superflex hit the headlines… [read more »]

Breathing Kevlar, Perforated Skin
Grey mesh curved, soft threads, clutching cold as ice. Connective tissue as a communicative device. Encryption via martial arts, or espionage. Monetary acrobatics, exercising the physique. Support, protect, and promote the core. Shareholders introducing their visions for a profitable future. The foul play of raising the stick above the shoulder. Touching euro-skepticism, a quick inhale. Sensing the organisms that are broken down by fermentation processes. Scarcely able to contain oneself. A small piece or part… [read more »]
MikeQ & Sinjin Hawke | ThunderScan

New MikeQ & Sinjin Hawke! The next entry in the Fractal Fantasy series is here, and it’s lightning. We’ve been #SHOCKED by ThunderScan. Listen to Flash Alert, another track in Fractal Fantasy series.

TRECARTIN ALERT: Comma Boat and Item Falls are here!

It seems like forever since we went #BTS of Ryan Trecartin’s new saga, but the wait was worth it: For those of you who weren’t able to make it to the BAM screening, the next two videos of his latest series have finally gone online! Comma Boat and Item Falls are here. Watch them now!

Remember to Calibrate Your Screen Before You Die
Are you ready to 69 this friday? F/W 2014!

At DIS, we admire all kinds of positions. But our favorite is the one 69 is in: poised to climb to the top of the fashion industry! This friday is the premiere of the 69 Fall/Winter 2014 collection video and presentation. Shop spring/summer 14 and dance all night! (And we hear if you wear a 69 piece, you’ll get a free gift.) Not to be missed! Presented by Ooga Booga and 356 S Mission Friday,… [read more »]

Brand Loyalty
Thank god for the Flandana!

OFFICIAL UNSPONSORED ADVERTORIAL: WE GIVE YOU THE FLANDANA! Are you struggling with your cold temperature wardrobe? Winter is here, and we know looking your best can feel like a losing battle of comfort vs. fashion. The best products are the innovative ones: The Flandana is saving lives and looks by fusing a Sherpa-fleece lining with the classic bandana. Created by sibling entrepreneurs Haley and Beau Wollens, the flandana is easy to tie and less bulky… [read more »]

Fruit Machine 2: Synesthesia

Incorporating human dramatization and technology is nothing new to artist Xavier Cha – see Disembodied Selfie. Cha’s latest project, Fruit Machine 2: Synesthesia, is a sequel to her first performance Fruit Machine 1 which took place last year at ICA Philadelphia. This latest project will be taking place at The New Museum Theater on December 20th and 21st with costumes by Eckhaus Latta, a score by Aaron David Ross, and Fruit Machine App development by Samuel… [read more »]