In Response to Cat Kron’s One Side of the Coin: An Extended View of Curating

I’d like to preface this text by saying that it is not meant to be read as a criticism of Cat Kron’s article, “Ain’t Miscuratin’: Everyone’s a curator!” In fact I would like to congratulate Kron on a piece well written, a topic undeniably in need of more dialogue, and lastly on her ability to rouse my interest enough to get me to sit down and write this somewhat lengthy response. While I found there… [read more »]

Interview with MPA: “Directing Light onto Fist of Father” by Courtney Malick

INTERVIEW WITH MPA, OCT 5, 2011 “Directing Light Onto Fist of Father” Leo Koenig, September 15-November 12, 2011 Co-Curated by Alhena Katsof and Dean Daderko MPA is a New York based performance artist who has been presenting challenging and visceral work that includes drawing, photography, installation and collaborations throughout New York and abroad for the past seven years. She is currently in the middle of her first solo exhibition at Leo Koenig Gallery in NYC… [read more »]

Aboveground Animation

The most recent presentation of contemporary animation and 3D rendered video works in the Aboveground Animation project has been curated by animator Casey Jane Ellison, and took place last Friday, June 24, 2011 at Ramiken Crucible in New York City. The event at Ramiken took the form of a one night screening with a live performance by NYC band Mirror Mirror. Now a selection of the work from Aboveground Animation is also being exhibited on… [read more »]