Babe Not Included

It’s a good thing one no longer has to preface a short interview with the proprietor of an online motorcycle-parts store with a brief history of photography, the avant-garde and the supposed end-game of conceptualism. For a generation raised on and foreclosed by an increasingly immaterial capitalism, dematerialization offers little excitement. It appears from here that the 20th century’s all-out war on the signifiers of authorship—mastery, intent, originality—paradoxically preserved authorship alone as the sole survivor… [read more »]

Spam-erican Apparel

Zazzle: you’ve never heard of it. One of thousands of designer nonsense words necessitated by online commerce, invoking within the reptile mind something ugly, pointless and incredibly popular. And Zazzle is in fact more pointless than Twitter, more popular than Blingy, and it’s ugliness is only exceeded by it’s total, major importance. Not because it is the world’s leading platform for quality custom goods, or for whatever reasons lead Google investors John Doerr and Ram… [read more »]