Wether (excerpt) | Andrew Norman Wilson

In the summer of 2014, Nicole Russo and I started planning a show at her gallery, Chapter NY, together. The gallery is a single room. It has a recessed doorway that is also a window, and an air conditioner pierces the glass above the door. The gallery faces south and receives direct sunlight, so the shade in the window is always drawn. A temperamental radiator sits on the floor. Steam from the city’s underground steam… [read more »]

Uncertainty Seminars

Tweet Uncertainty Seminars by Andrew Norman Wilson         “My mind’s telling me no, but my body’s telling me yes.” This is belted over the title card, so we are ready for a phenomenological pretzel. THINKING scrolls across the frame several times during the video, always a frustrating reminder of how nerve-wracking it can be. Later, participating in a guided meditation precludes watching CLOSE YOUR EYES become DOSE YOUR FACE on screen. Do… [read more »]

Stock Fantasy Ventures – Investment Proposal

2 Killed, 9 Wounded Near Empire State Building Enlightened K-CorealNC.K by Ryan Trecartin 1/21 Stock Fantasy Ventures will serve a global market of cutting edge communicators in advertising, business, art, and journalism with high quality, pre-trend stock photo and video clips. When we set out to create this investment proposal, we wanted to provide information to enable your investment decision. You just viewed samples from the first stock image production of Stock Fantasy Ventures: Moping… [read more »]