Duck Theory

You are listening to a recording from 1980. It’s 2 minutes and 10 seconds long. Scroll through these images, take your time. At the bottom, there is a short text. To live today as an artist means to find oneself in constant negotiation with neoliberal capitalist systems. I’m sitting in a plane. The cheapest ticket I could find. Burning fuel, no doubt, acquired through some agreement many years prior that allowed for oil drilling off… [read more »]

What Does Nike Want?

Not too long ago writer and tech enthusiast Kevin Kelly2 told us that technology is the 7th Kingdom of life, evolutionarily speaking. As many theories come to be, Kelly arrived at this one by first locating an instrumental question: what does technology want? Not meant to imply a human type of “answering,” this question served as an investigative tool that helped Kelly look at technology through an evolutionary lens in order to determine its “wants.”… [read more »]